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Hair pulled back and her jacket worn tight,
No damsel in distress, she’s her own knight.

Behind the helmet visor, her eyes glitter with grit
She straddles her machine, and says, ‘Let's go live it’!

She rides..
To fly, to feel, to soar and to prove them wrong,
To breathe, to belong, to roar and to be strong.

She rides not with, and for no one else,
She rides ‘cause she is unapologetically herself!

WonderPath takes immense pride in presenting an
'All Women Motorcycle Expedition to Gurudongmar Lake.'

Gurudongmar Lake is located at an altitude of 5,425 m (17,800 ft) and is one of the highest lakes in the world. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glaciers, this majestic sapphire blue lake is close to the Indo-Tibetan border and remains frozen for most of the year. The ride leading up to this place is truly mesmerizing. Significantly higher than the other popular lakes in India, this is a hidden unexplored gem that is going to push your adrenaline meter to an ultimate high!

Zero Point, Yumthang Valley (15,300 ft.), a place of exotic splendour is the point which will invigorate your senses and leave you feeling exhilarated. It is a land of perennial snow and is the land where Nature is personified.

Located at an altitude of 14,410 ft. NathuLa, one of the highest motorable roads in the world stands as a crossroad between India and China. The gorgeous alpine flora and its surreal natural beauty, makes it a popular place of travel among tourists and adventurers.

Before reaching NathuLa, you will come across a glacial lake, Changu or Tsomgo, meaning the ‘source of water’. Located at an altitude of 12,310 ft. The steep gradient road leading up to the lake will spike your adrenaline as you unleash the inner adventurer and bask in the charmingly quaint view around you.

• Permits, permissions and clearances - all.
• Support group & vehicle.
• Stay: 3 star hotels twin sharing basis / homestays at few locations.
• Breakfast (5th April, 2020 to 15th April, 2020) and dinner (4th April, 2020 to 16th April, 2020)

• Fuel and any vehicle service expenses.
• Lunch.
• Any / all domestic / international flight tickets.
• Any medical expenses or any cost resulting from an unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance.

Terrain: At least 700 Kms of mountainous terrain. Expect stretches of unpaved roads. Though snow is not expected but some stretches due to weather conditions might be extreme.
Riding hours: Longest stretch – Kolkata to Siliguri: 580 Kms – 14-15 hours. Beyond Siliguri max in one day – sub 160 Kms – sub 7-8 hours.
Weather: Gangtok - Weather changes from cold to pleasant with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C in Gangtok.
Lachung - Temperatures range between -6 degrees Celsius to 7 degree Celsius. Lachung experiences typical alpine climate with moderate summers in April making it a pleasant time to visit.
Gurudongmar Lake - Expect sub-zero temperatures that range anywhere between -11°C to 0°C. Snowstorms can happen. It is quite windy there with lower levels of oxygen.
Zero Point, Yumthang Valley, Changu lake - Temperatures might go in minus degrees at some times but usually, it is above it. By April the glacial lake that gets frozen during the cold winter months gradually begins to melt.
Nathula - The pass remains covered in snow up till the third week of April. Carry appropriate gear.