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Udit Bothra

Udit Bothra

Founding Partner

A soul hungry for experiences, Udit is an incessant thrill seeker. One who loves the finer things in life as much as rustic charm. An avid motorcyclist, Udit is an idea-maker who loves playing around with new concepts and to shape them up into meticulous plans.

The euphoria of riding a steel steed and venturing off into the horizon exploring different lands cannot be articulated into words. And, Udit is well acquainted with that feeling! Unravelling the joys of exploration is something that Udit comprehends well. Like J. R. R. Tolkien said, “Not all those who wander are lost!” Oftentimes we all get this intense desire to up and leave and hit the road but only few act on it. You know why? Because you ought to have the moxie to let go, which primarily includes letting go of routines. With the heart of an explorer, Udit is the kind of guy, who’s got the spunk to set forth on adventures.

His meticulous planning habits stems from his earlier stints at working with the behemoths of the BPO and Telecom industries where he was involved in planning and executing big and small projects. He is skilled in customer service delivery, process implementation and integration & service programs. These combined with his natural leadership flair has aided him in effectively managing important operations and tasks.

And after almost two decades in the corporate life, Udit felt a calling - to EXPERIENCE life and not just drift through it. That's when he knew that becoming an entrepreneur was the only way to go. He believes that when you work with what you enjoy, you really LIVE it; otherwise you just do it. And that's how he ventured on this WonderPath!

The quintessential entrepreneur, Umang might be always high on work but he is a traveller at heart. Umang is an avid reader and has a flair for writing. But when it comes to travelling, the world is his book as he journeys around reading through the pages. Naturally eloquent with hints of intellectualism, Umang has a habit of penning down his thoughts and journaling his trips, which makes him taste life twice, both in the moment and in retrospect.

Having the verve of an athlete, Umang has always been fiercely competitive and in his hay days has participated in cricket tournaments and other sports. With the discipline of a martial artist and the spirit of a sportsperson, Umang is a firm believer in deadlines and considers them to be a great antidote to overcome procrastination.

With over 17 years of experience in a variety of domains, Umang is adept at business management services, providing professional training, marketing and possesses an acute sense of discerning the consumers’ needs and catering to them accordingly.

Strategic planning and conceptualizing being his fortes were some of the key elements that played a pivotal role in starting and co-founding WonderPath with his brother. Both the brothers share a similar passion for travelling and venturing off on wheels. They often talked about turning their passion into an adventurous venture and one fine day, while shooting the breeze, the duo came up with the idea to start their WonderPath.

Umang Bothra

Umang Bothra

Co-founder & Chief Strategist